New homes require new infrastructure, and both Kent County Council and Canterbury City Council have recognised the importance of delivering a new road to take the pressure from traffic in and around the area away from Herne Village – known as the Herne Relief Road.

The Herne Relief Road would comprise several parts, including a spine road through Lower Herne Village site, and junction improvements on Bullockstone Road and Canterbury Road. Hollamby is able to provide most of the land required to deliver the Herne Relief Road.

The Herne Relief Road is a major infrastructure project which the Herne Bay area will need if all the sites identified in the draft Local Plan as essential to meeting housing need are developed. Our transport studies have shown that need for the road is not triggered by our proposals for Lower Herne Village in isolation – but rather – it will be critical for the delivery of the strategic residential sites identified by the Council which will be delivered over the next few years.

Hollamby will seek permission for the infrastructure improvements needed for the Relief Road on its land. The subsequent delivery of the full Herne Relief Road will require the cooperation of all the owners of major development sites in the Herne Bay Area.

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