Hollamby Estates (2005) Ltd (known hereafter as Hollamby) is a local landowner, landlord, developer and employer which has been investing in the Herne Bay area since 1947. It is a private company with most of its shareholders living in the Herne Bay and Canterbury district, with an ongoing commitment to sustainability and business growth in the area.

We have a long history of investing in the community and over the years we have supported a number of development projects which have benefited the local community. These include the construction of the A299 Thanet Way, the sale of land to a local school and flood alleviation measures in the form of surface water lagoons. Most recently, one of the largest solar farms in the South of England has been installed on our site along Owls Hatch Road, helping Herne Bay meet its energy needs in a clean and environmentally friendly way.

Responding to local housing need, Hollamby has promoted the development potential of some of its land through the emerging Canterbury City Council Local Plan. This includes the Strode Farm site, which we own and refer to as Lower Herne Village. We are committed to remaining a major stakeholder in the local community while adding value to our Estate, and intend to have a long-term involvement in the project. We have therefore managed and funded the submission of this planning application from our own resources.

We have also offered land for inclusion in the delivery of strategic transport infrastructure. It is widely acknowledged that Herne will benefit in future from highways improvements which can be paid for by the all of the strategic developments.

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